Tilt & Turn windows and doors
Tilt & turn window inside viewTilt & turn window outside view

Euro standard 68 windows and doors are the most common type of windows in continental Europe. Due to their superior thermal and sound isolating properties they are becoming more and more popular in UK as well. Distinctive feature of tilt & turn windows is that they are only inside opening. This is very handy when it comes to clean or maintain them. The profile of 68 mm thickness and double seal system ensures very good thermal and sound insulation qualities of this type of windows. Tilt & turn windows may be fitted with sliding system which enables to tilt the window/door or slide its sash to the side. The system is very attractive when there is very limited space for conventional openining or sashes are very large and heavy. The system like this is also well suited for large patio doors, to form a large open space consisting of room and patio.

Detail description
  • Glass unit: single chamber, double glazed, 24 mm thick (4-16Ar-4), warm edge, with single low-e glass pane, or double chamber, 32 mm thick with two low-e glass panes and warm edges (4-10Ar-4-10Ar-4).
  • Possibility to choose glass units with tempered, laminated, low-e or tinted glass panes for extra safety, thermal eficiency, sound insulation and looks.

  • Standard ironmongery or sliding system.
  • Lock with locking pins at many points all around perimeter:
  • tightly closes the sash against the seal.

  • Window frames are painted in any RAL colour. Paint used is 'Teknos' which is tested under severe Nordic climate conditions.
  • Many other optional details:
  • many possibilities to divide the sash into separate glazing units, double leaf or single leaf, openable or fixed, arched head, night vents etc..