Casement windows
Flush casement window inside viewFlush casement window outside view

Casement windows are those which are opened outside. We manufacture two types of casement windows: flush casement and storm proof casement. The main difference between them is that flush casement windows do not have a lip over the frame, while stormproof - have it. Flush casement windows are more often used in buildings located in places out of direct wind, such as towns and between other buildings while stormproof windows are more suitable to install to houses located in more open areas. Our casement windows are made from european pine with hardwood sills as standard. Full hardwood option is also available.

Detail description
  • Glass unit: single chamber, double glazed 24 mm, 4-16Ar-4, with warm edge, single low-e glass pane.
  • Possibility to choose glass units with tempered, laminated, low-e or tinted or opaque glass panes for extra safety, thermal eficiency, sound isolation and looks.

  • Pivot type or scissor type hinges:
  • Casement windows sashes can be mounted using conventional pivot hinges or scissor type hinges. The main difference is that scissor type hinges are fully hidden between frame and sash, leaving the outside of the window flush and without any protruding parts. While conventional hinges are visible from the outside.

  • Three point locking system. It ensures that sash closes tightly against the seal in the frame. Can be lockable for extra safety.
  • Window frames are painted in any RAL colour. Paint used is 'Teknos' which is tested under severe Nordic climate conditions.
  • Many different variants of Georgian bar placement.
  • Hardwood sill
  • Many other possible choices:
  • cill extension, arched head, double leaf or single leaf, fixed or openable, night vents etc..

Technical documentation

Flush casement window cross section drawing

Storm proof casement window cross section drawing