UAB 'Laukmeda' manufactures wooden windows, external doors and staircases. All our products are made from high quality engineered wood, coated with finnish 'Teknos' paint or stain and varnish system. The best available quality materials combined with skills, experience and responsible attitude towards work ensures the beauty, ergonomics and long life of our products.

Wooden windows and doors

We are able to offer a wide range of wooden windows and doors. It includes Tilt & Turn windows based on IV68 profile system, which ensures high thermal and acoustic efficiency of the products. In addition to this, we manufacture 5 types of products for the Great Britain market:

  • Sliding sash windows:
    • Spring sash windows
    • Box sash windows
  • Casement windows:
    • Flush casement windows
    • Stormproof casement windows
  • Traditional flush door

All of our british style windows and doors are made with hardwood sills and threshholds as standard. Other parts of these products are manufactured either from softwood, such as european pine, or from hardwood. The windows may be standard or customized according to customer's wishes. Additional custom details include Georgian bars, arched top, openable or fixed etc.. There is a possibility to adjust the design of british style windows and doors in compliance with heritage zone requirements.

The beauty of wooden window or door and its exploitation qualities largely depend on the wood blank it is made from. This is why we use only the best quality engineered wood beams available. The blanks for window production are glued from at least three layers of boards with natural defects of wood, such as knots, removed. When gluing beams, the grain direction of individual bords is alternated so, that it minimizes shrinkage and deformations due to variations of moisture content in the air. This is how dimensional stability of our windows and doors is maintained throughout their life cycle. It ensures that the window or door will not warp, opens easily and closes tightly without effort.

The quality of coating system influences the longevity and appearance of wooden windows the most. That is why we use only proffesional painting system by well known finnish company "Teknos", which offers extremely good wooden product protection from the elements, proven by hostile Nordic climate. We use water based acrylic paints and varnishes, which are more friendly to the environment as well as health, comparing with conventional alkyd based coatings. In addition to this, acrylic coating remains elastic after drying. It means that water based paints do not start flaking for much longer than traditional alkyd coatings and require much less maintenance. Paint colour can be chosen from hundreds of different shades provided by RAL palette. Our products might be painted with one colour or two different colours - one for outside, the other - for inside.

Wooden staircases

Wooden staircase adds warmth to any interrior and is true eyecatcher as well. We plan and manufacture bespoke hardwood stairs. Straight, straight with landing, winder or spiral staircases are offered. Before manufacturing, a detailed 3D CAD model is prepared, so that it is easy to imagine the appearance of the finished product and adjust the design according to customer's wishes.