Traditional flush doors
Traditional flush door. Outside view.Interior door

Traditional flush doors are manufactured from engineered european pine or oak. The doors are mounted with hardwood threshold as standard. Traditional doors maintains characteristic flush surface looking from the side they open to. This allows to install traditional british night latch to the inside opening doors. They can also be fitted with european standard lock mechanisms with the pins at three points. The door frame is 94 or 80 mm in thickness, while the leaf is 57 mm thick.

Detail description
  • Glass unit: one chamber, double glazed, thickness 24 mm, 4-16Ar-4, warm edge, single low-e pane.
  • Possibility to choose glass units with tempered, laminated, low-e or tinted glass panes for extra safety, thermal eficiency, sound isolation and looks.

  • Natural wood fillings 24 mm or 50 mm thick.
  • British standard night latch (only for inside opening door) or european style lock.
  • If the door is inside opening, it can be fitted with british standard night latch or european style lock at customer's request. Outside opening doors can only have european style locks.

  • Doors can be single - leaf or double - leaf, latter so called french doors.
  • Doors are painted in any RAL colour. Paint used is 'Teknos' which is tested under severe Nordic climate conditions.
  • Many different variants of Georgian bar placement.
  • Hardwood threshold.
  • Many other possible choices:
  • threshold extension, arched top, fixed part at the top or side, etc..

Technical documentation

Traditional flush door cross section drawing (type 1)

Traditional flush door cross section drawing (type 2)